For the “your journey” post, I think it would be great just to do a little “I started here, struggled with xyz, accomplished xyz, this is my why for doing design/offering templates” and then drop a little promo at the end!

General notes from Lizzy:

Hey there! I'm Lizzy Colombo. I’m a Charleston girl, graphic designer, educator, and dog mom with big dreams and a boutique creative studio, White Point Creative.

Little did I know that a high school newspaper and a hand-me-down camera would turn into a six-figure design studio. But I didn’t always have the dream job with clients that bring me joy and projects that fuel my fire. After getting married in my hometown of Charleston, SC. Joe and I lived humbly. We applied diligently for jobs with very little luck. To bring in more money I started designing logos and random assets for friends. I knew nothing about freelancing and I was completely lost. I felt like a fraud. A mess. A college design graduate, turned failure.

The Turning Point

Taxes? No clue. SEO? What even is that? Competitive rates and pricing? Puh-lease! Just pay me anything.

I remember so clearly laying in bed with tear-filled eyes when an ad flashed on my Facebook feed. Was I reading this correctly? This course would teach me everything I needed to know about starting a proper design business that would actually make me money. Yes! Joe and I invested what little savings we had into the Spruce Your Studio (then Share-Worthy Design Course) by Jamie at Spruce Road. I can still feel the tremble in my hand as I hovered over the “enroll” button on the checkout screen. I clicked it.

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Fast Forward

Three years in I had irregular clients of my own, major brands in my portfolio like Saucony, Puma, Keds, and J Jill from freelancing gigs, and tenacity to grow my business into a formal and well-respected creative studio. What started as a spare-bedroom side job was morphing into so much more.

My freelance jobs taught me very important lessons because I was able to onboard into high-level teams who were functioning at their peak inside of major brands and well-established agencies. Everything from their folder system, and client management, to presentations and team outings, were carefully noted inside of the notebook that went with me everywhere. Lunch breaks were spent picking the brains of creative directors and senior designers. I wanted to learn everything. When I wasn’t interrogating…I mean chatting with co-workers I was in a quiet corner with Jenna Kutcher’s podcast turned all the way up.

Two notebooks later I was scaling my business and refining my processes, skills, and offerings. I’ve had the immense pleasure of launching over 30 full brand and web design projects with more than half of those being 8K launches for my clients. Plus even more solo brands and websites with high success rates.

Key Lesson I Learned